This blog is going to discuss some very sensitive and personal issues.  We can not have people going crazy.  Below are the rules of the house.  Follow them

1.  No obscene, derogatory or harassing speech.  This isn’t the Jerry Springer Show, and this isn’t the place for internet flame wars.  All discussions are going to be civil and intelligent.

2.  No Conversation Hijacking.  Comments are expected to be relevant and purposeful.  If the post is about Colorado, don’t talk about Jessie Jackson.  This is not the place for you to display the chip on your shoulder.

3.  No Personal Attacks.  I mean it.  We can have political discussions without resorting to childish taunts (I know, I’ve seen it happen)

4.  Back up your Claims.  If you post a comment and say that “95% of Americans think race isn’t an issue” and you don’t give a source to that, we are going to assume you made it up and treat it accordingly.  Think of this blog like a term paper, don’t just drop factoids, give them some weight.

5.  Don’t make me get heavy handed.  As of this moment, I am not moderating comments, please don’t make me change this.  I have enough to do without worrying about reviewing every little comment.

6.  Don’t be afraid to suggest material.  While this isn’t really a comment issue, I love when my readers send me story ideas.  Shoot me an email and I will look into it.

That’s basically it.  Any of these rules may be changed or altered at any time of course, but until then, enjoy and thank you for coming.



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