Mission Statement

November 3, 2009

Ever since last November, when Obama was elected to the office of president, we have heard that his election signified a new era in American politics.  An era where the divisiveness of race was but a distant memory.  Where everyone would join hands and sing folk music while appreciating the beauty of others.

Well that obviously hasn’t happened.

In the few short months since Obama ascended to the nation’s highest office, we have seen racism in all forms.  From questionable arrests to disgusting political signs and imagery.  So I decided to take on a little mission and discover how race relations are doing right here in my own little home Colorado.  I live in Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University (CSU) and some of the craziest parties you’ll ever come across in the industrialized world.  From time to time, I will add my two cents to the news stories of the day, as they impact race relations, but mostly, I will be highlighting the stories of the little people.  I put out calls on Craigslist for racial stories, and I have some great ones lined up already.  First up for (hopefully) tomorrow, the story of a black college student and his experiences working for a public high school. 

I thank you for reading my first post and hope that you all manage to stop by again and check me out.

Always remember, Race is important, but not the most important part of your life.


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